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Kids Program

Our "Kids Program" is one of the most comprehensive and well-rounded programs on Long Island. We offer your child instruction in multiple different arts and 7 times a week! Children's classes are taught in a safe and sanitary environment by

trained martial arts professionals.

Our Services

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

A martial-art utilizing throws, joint-locks & choke holds to subdue an opponent. The emphasis is to allow the practitioner to use their techniques to take control of their opponent from the ground. 


A martial art utilizing throws, choke-holds and various joint locks to subdue an opponent. An Olympic sport; a judo match can be won by throwing an opponent (ippon), by choke or submission lock, by hold down (pin)

or by points.

Muay Thai

A form of kickboxing originating from Thailand. Unlike traditional kickboxing, Muay Thai allows low kicks, elbows, and knees and is considered among the elite striking arts.

Our adult classes are all instructed by elite Muay Thai practitioners.


An American sport / fighting style. Boxing is dependent on using quick footwork and punches. Although not considered a formal martial art, boxing's offensive and defensive techniques are invaluable in the sport of mixed-martial arts.

Women's Striking & Conditioning

A class that combines Kickboxing, Muay Thai and cross-fit to tone and shape, as well as, increase strength and improve cardio-vascular endurance and agility.


 A Class that incorporates full contact striking with protective gear.